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December's 500 Whey & Bars Box

It's finally December. These days Christmas feels like it begins way back in October but it's finally here. Time for cosy nights in, as well as catching up with friends and family, getting into Advent and settling down for a chilled period. But let's not forget the importance of the gym in this holiday period! These protein boxes are the best that you can get. They make amazing gifts for gym friends, incredible presents for gym family members or just a treat-yo-self gift for Christmas. These are the ideal healthy present protein box!

You can subscribe or just buy a delicious one off gym box.

We have a full range of boxes available in our shop but if you scroll down, you'll find the tasty goodies which were included in the December 500 Whey & Bars box that our lovely subscribers received this month! Let's delve in!

We went above and beyond again this month and gave you guys an extra ten grams of protein! Therefore, the total in this box was 510g of delicious protein! This is made up of ten items, consisting of a massive 500g bag of whey, along with nine tasty protein bars and protein snacks.

1. To kick-start this box, we gave you guys a delicious bag of BULK whey in the cinnamon cereal milk flavour. We feel like nobody dislikes curiously cinnamon and this is just what this whey is like and with 375g of protein, what's not to love? 😊

2. TREK bars are one of the many snacks with our a customer-favourite and thus, we popped in a tasty cocoa oat flapjack which gives you a 9g protein hit. 🤺

3. If night-time workouts are your thing, you'll love this bar as it's our favourite in the evening time with a wee cup of tea. This one is the My Protein oat bake in the chocolate chip flavour. This one will refuel you with 18g of protein before or after your gym workout. 🏀

4. Barebells are also super tasty! To get our subscribers into the festive spirit, we put in a white chocolate salty peanut Barebells bar which provides 20g of protein. Yum! 🏃

5. Another incredible BULK product is the yummy macro munch birthday cake protein bar. This tasty treat will give you 20g of protein. 🏅

6. Since TREK bars are like the best, we also put a smooth lemon TREK bar into the Mean Protein Box. These flapjacks will give you 9g of protein to keep you going and they taste like actual flapjacks. 🍫

7. Everybody loves a Grenade bar and they are always packed with protein. This month's bar will boost your body with 21g of protein and it's the delicious jaffa cake Grenade bar. 🤽

8. CLIF bars are like little cakes. Simply delicious. This month you'll receive a peanut butter banana with dark chocolate Clif bar and this'll give you 10g of protein

to keep you going through your long walks, bike rides or general healthy hobbies.🚴

9. Honestly, we think that Mars bars are beyond the best protein bars. So this month, we put in a crispy M&M's hi-protein bar by Mars. We know that customers love this bar which is why we placed it into the December boxes as a Christmas treat! Plus, this protein bar has a whopping 15g of protein. 🤸

10. Total XP make amazing protein crisps. In this monthly protein box, our subscribers got a scrumptious packet of XP crisps in the smokey BBQ flavour. These packets only have about 110kcals and they give you 13g of crispy protein! 🏊

Whether you are a subscriber or you are just browsing our website to see what we offer, we hope that you have a lovely, blessed Christmas. Jesus was born and died for us, so enjoy life and all that it offers.

If you want to give someone the best gift ever (in the form of a protein box), check out our shop below:

Have a good one and attain those gains! 💪

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