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St Patrick's Day Smoothie

Happy St Patrick's day from Mean Protein, a brand based in Belfast, Northern Ireland 🍀

To celebrate the day, we have come up with an amazing, high-protein, fresh smoothie which is, of course, green to celebrate the occasion! With only five ingredients, it is easy to make and tastes yummy, healthy and will help you attain the gains!

Packed full of nutrients, such as vitamin C, vitamin A, iron, fibre, protein, etc etc. This protein is by far the best green smoothie ever! Here at Mean Protein, we think fruit smoothies are the best but it seems to make a smoothie green, spinach must be added. So we have balanced this out perfectly in this protein smoothie, in order to make it simply delicious!

Get your green on this St Patrick's day!


  1. One cup of Spinach

  2. 120G Coconut yogurt (we used Muller Light Coconut Greek Style)

  3. 1 medium banana

  4. One scoop of protein power (we used Birthday Cake flavour but any will do)

  5. Ice (we used three cubes)


  1. Place the ingredients into a blender (we recommend adding the power in last as it tends to stick to the bottom otherwise) and blend until smooth. This should take 1-2 minutes depending on your blender.

  2. Place in a glass and enjoy your yummy protein smoothie.

Rough Macros:

300 kcals

30.3 protein

39.8 carb

1.7 fat

If you want a low carb smoothie, try using half a banana instead or swap it out for some yummy berries. Frozen berries always make a lovely smoothie and they are cheaper than fresh berries.

Did you know protein keeps you fuller for longer due to its ability to reduce your level of the hunger hormone (ghrelin) & increases your levels of peptide YY, a hormone that makes you feel full. Why not take a protein smoothie around with you to cut out the food cravings? We offer a range of flasks which keep drinks cool for up to 24 hours. Check them out here.

Want to try this recipe and others with a new flavour of protein each month/week? Why not try out a Mean Protein subscription? Offering new flavours of whey and protein bars from big brands such as Fulfil and Grenade, you'll always look forward to a fresh box arriving. Check them out here!

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