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Attain the Gains this Year with a Mean Protein Box. This is January's Box.

This month's mass snack and whey protein box totalled 520.5 grams of protein made up of 9 delicious protein snacks from 8 of the most popular protein brands. That's 20.5 grams more than you pay for since we want you to get as many gains as possible! This means you get a great a better variety of protein snacks in your protein box to try out at no extra cost 💪

What's more, we listened to your guy's ideas and decided to include a form in the cart page where you can tell us your favourite flavours and brands for a more personalised protein box!

And we've had a massive price drop, meaning you can now save up to £15 when compared to buying your protein bars and snacks in the shops. We did this simply because we want you to get fitter for cheaper in 2021 🙂

This month's delicious protein box contained:

- 1 500g bag of whey in the delightful apple crumble and custard flavour. This gives you 381.5 grams of protein in total, providing you with 16.6 servings of protein shake to keep you going throughout the cold January month. This is one of our personal favourite protein flavours at MeanProtein as it's a fantastic, sweet flavour which is excellent for smoothies and recipes.

- 1 Barebells bar in the cookies and cream flavour. This will give you an extra 20g of protein.

- 1 RX bar in a mystery flavour (meaning each box got a different flavour this month). There are 12g of chewy, delightful dairy-free protein in this bar.

- 1 Whey Box sachet in the vanilla flavour. A classic protein flavour providing you with 16g protein. The vanilla is great for many recipes as it has a very smooth taste which does not taint the recipe. Why not try it with our protein pancake recipe here?

- 1 Optimum Nutrition bar in the chewy but delicious caramel cookie flavour.

- 1 caramel chaos Grenade bar with 23g of protein.

- 2 Fulfil bars, one of which is the chocolate peanut and caramel flavour. The other is the salted caramel flavour (in our opinion, this is the best flavour. What do you think?)

- 1 TREK bar in the classic original oat flavour. 10g of protein in this protein flapjack!

- 1 Optimum Nutrition crisp bar chocolate brownie. There's a massive 20g of protein in this bar and it's a huge protein bar, meaning more for you to devour. And its low in calories with only 213 per cannot go wrong with this protein bar!

That's all for this month folks.

If you're into your fitness and find it hard to recover after heavy workout, we seriously recommend our boxes as protein is proven to promote a quicker recovery and with a speedy recovery, you can get back to another workout quicker and get more gains! As our boxes make it easy to consume more protein, they're honestly the best solution to the issue of trying to get more protein into your diet! So buy a box and swap out those chocolate bars for a nutritious protein bar which tastes even better 💪

Why not try out a trial box here! Simply select one-off box when making your purchase.

Have a good January and keep an eye out for our next blog post; breakfast bowl protein smoothie 😋

Coming sometime in the next two weeks!

For now, stay healthy and stay strong 💪

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