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January's 500 Whey & Protein Bars Box

Happy birthday to the world! It's January and that means time to get back into the gym and get rid of that Christmas food.

Want a little motivator to be more healthy? Look no further than the 500 whey and protein bars box by Mean Protein. This is our most popular box and it contains a guaranteed 500 grams of protein to help you reach your workout goals. This is genuinely the best fitness box around!

Lets delve into what was included within the January 500 Whey & Protein Bars box:

1. The Whey within this month's protein box was the fresh berries & cream flavour by BULK. This contains a whopping 375g of protein.

2. The next bar in this amazing box it the delightful Barebells in the hazlenut and nogart flavour. This tasty bar contains 20g of protein.

3. Another tasty bar is the chocolate orange bar by MAXI. We are please to announce that we have teamed up with MAXI. So expect to see their tasty bars from now on. These ones have 15g of protein per bar which is perfect for a pre workout snack.

4. ON are one of the big brands within the UK and this month you'll find the crispy peanut butter bar which also gives you 20g of protein to fuel your day!

5. Wana are delicious little bar which are a little bit like Lindt lindors as they are crispy on the outside and creaming on the inside. This month we put in the Cocoa with salty caramel cream flavour and this give you an incredible 11.4grams of protein.

6. Another amazing bar is the M&Ms protein peanut bar by Mars! These are like two little cakes which contain 15g of protein and they even have real chocolate M&Ms on them! Simply delicious!

7. Another treat without the cheat is the MY PROTEIN baked cookie in the chocolate chip flavour! This gigantic cookie contains 14G of protein! Yum!

8. Grenade are another top brand! This month you'll discover a cheeky birthday cake flavoured Grenade bar which contains 20g of protein. This is to say happy birthday to the world haha.

9. My Protein layered bars are totally delicious, thick, yummy bars. This month you'll receive one in the peanut butter flavour! This also contains 20g of protein. Sometimes we melt ours in the microwave for 10 seconds before eating them and it makes them like a scrumptous sticky pudding.

10. TREK are another healthy brand within the U.K. This month we included the tasty morning berry flavour which will boost you up 10g of protein! A great way to hit your protein goal for the day!

New year, new me? Perhaps you are new to the gym and want some protein to give you fuel and help with your muscle recovery? Mean Protein is the way to go! Our boxes are designed to give you new and exciting flavours every month!

We also provide one off boxes and boxes with no whey too! Check them out here!

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