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March's 500 Whey & Bars Box 2022

It's March! Winter is nearly over and spring is blossoming. We hope you are as excited as we are for summer hikes, bike rides and emerging into the general outdoors again. With more activity, more protein is required for energy and recovery after workouts. Therefore, a 500 whey & bars protein box is just the thing for you!

This month we compiled together nine brands and ten yummy protein items, totalling 529 grams of protein! That's a lot 😮 Unlike other protein boxes, we offer a minimum quantity each month, you you know you will always get at least 500 grams per protein box. Check them out here.

Anyway, let's delve into this month's delicious box:

1. Our protein of the month was BULK whey in the almost too-yummy speculoos flavour which contains 375 grams of protein. Did you know speculoos is the official name for Biscoff flavour? We didn't either until we researched what this was and it is genuinely the same thing, so if you love Biscoff, you'll love this!

2. We also included a My Protein layered bar in the beautiful birthday cake flavour. Containing 20 grams of protein, this bar is yummy yummy! It does what it says on the tin, it is layered. So there is a layer of tasty jam, along with what appears to be a layer of what is meant to be the sponge and healthy icing on top. Yum!

3. Another bar this month is by Barebells and this is the white chocolate almond protein bar, containing 20 grams of protein. Yass.

4. We also threw in a classic Grenade bar in the white chocolate cookie flavour. This will provide you with 22.4 grams of protein. Great for any workout or a simply a healthy snack!

5. As always, a Mean Protein box would not be the same without a FULFIL bar. This month you will find a salted caramel 20 gram Fulfil bar. A customer favourite.

6. Optimum Nutrition is another favourite brand. This month we included the white chocolate peanut & salted caramel bar which has 20 grams of protein.

7. Wana is a relativity new brand to Mean Protein but we love love love them! This month you will get the crispy bar; Cocao with salty caramel cream and this contains 11.4 grams of protein. Amazing!

8. Mars bars aren't always unhealthy. This month you will find a high protein Mars original bar. When a Mars bar contains 21 grams of protein, life is good! This is a great one for post workout with a little cup of tea or coffee. Incredible!

9. In this wicked protein box, you will also find a Trek flapjack in the tasty white chocolate and raspberry flavour. This has 9.2 grams of protein in it to fuel your day! This one is amazing for breakfast with a coffee - starting the day off right.

10. Finally, we included the My Protein pancake mix in the golden syrup flavour. Something a bit different and amazing for any healthy breakfast lover. It contains 10 grams of protein, so this pancake is a great way to start your day.

That's March's box in summary. We hope all of our customers are happy with this box (but obviously you are because it's the best). If you are new to Mean Protein, don't forget you can message us and ask for your favourite brands and flavours to be added into your boxes but obviously, it's more exciting to get new varieties of protein flavours in every box...or at least we think so.

Not sure you want to subscribe, we can also buy a one off box. Simply select that at checkout.

Check it out here.

Also check it out, Mean Protein has been featured as one of the best gifts for PTs - click here for more info!

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