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May's 500 Whey & Bars Box

Another month down and we are into May already! May brings with it lots of sunny days which we love here at Mean Protein as they are great for runs, hikes and outdoor workouts. Do you also love the sunny weather?

This month we are showcasing our popular 500 whey & bars box. This is by far our most popular monthly fitness protein box. It gives you at least 500 grams of protein, made up of 500 grams of whey, as well as eight to twelve protein snacks and bars from the biggest protein brands in the U.K, such as FULFIL and Grenade.

Did you know that you can also buy a one off box? These are great for anyone who is looking for a gift for a gym buddy or fitness enthusiast. Or to just treat yourself!

Nevertheless, let's delve in!

So this month, you guys will receive a box with a total of 503 grams of protein to keep you fuelled this May! This is made up of a 500 gram bag of whey by BULK, as well as eight tasty protein bars and snacks. See below for the full, yummy breakdown!

1. To kickstart this month, you will find a big 500 gram bag of whey by Bulk. This is in the refreshing pistachio ice cream flavour. We thought this only fitting given that summer is coming and who doesn't love ice cream? This bag is packed full of 365 grams of protein in total. Giving you 22g protein per serving with less than 120kcal and 1.5g sugar. It is also 16.66 servings which is enough for a scoop for over half of May's days.

2. TREK bars are simply great! This month you will find a tasty peanut power Trek bar which gives you 10 grams of protein. As we always say, Trek bars are amazing with your morning cup of coffee before a workout.

3. Grenade are one of the biggest brands within the U.K in terms of protein! You will often see them in shops for £2.50 - £3.00 which is totally crazy compared to Mean Protein. This month we gave you guys a cookie dough protein bar which will give you 21 grams of protein. When you work it out, even if each bar was £2.00, Mean Protein gives you at least eight of these which would cost you £16.00 in the shops. However, these are usually more than a simple £2.00. These days they are about £3.00 each which would be £24.00. Plus a bag of whey worth £21.99. Mean Protein is currently £33.99. It's a great saving if we say so ourselves!

4. Total XP are a newish brand in the U.K but our customers love them already. So we gave them a packet in the epic cheese flavour. At 106 kcals and 13 grams of protein, what's not to love? They are guilt free crisps!

5. Another big brand is My Protein. In this protein box, you will receive a layered bar in the matcha flavour. Very healthy and it will fuel you with 20 grams of protein.

6. Barebells bars are great. Sweet milk chocolate encompasses a gooey caramel core and crunchy cashew chunks. Of course, this is the caramel cashew flavour which provides 20 grams of protein.

7. Fulfil is possibly the biggest brand in the U.K but this is not confirmed. Anyway, they are great bars as they also contain a host of vitamins to keep you healthy. This month, we included a hazlenut whip Fulfil bar which contains a whopping 20 grams of protein! Yum.

8. Maxi Nutrition also make tasty tasty protein bars. In this protein box, you'll find one of their bars in the dark chocolate orange flavour. This incredible bar will give you an extra 15 grams of protein.

9. My Protein also make oat bakes which are kind of like flapjacks. These are new to Mean Protein boxes and we are sure you will love them! This month, you can find the berry and white chocolate protein oat bake within your box. This contains an incredible 19 grams of protein!

We hope you love this box and if you haven't yet done so, please subscribe or check out a single one-off box to see how good they are! We provide a host of different boxes to suit your needs, such as bars / snacks only boxes or also ones with different quantities of whey!

Not sure you will like the flavours? That's ok. You can fill in the form at checkout to customise your box if you want to. We can't guarantee you will get the flavour you want but we will always try our best.

As always, have a lovely and blessed May! Attain the gains!

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