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November's 12 Snacks and Bars Box

Welcome to November. Halloween is over and it's time to get into shape for Christmas. What better way to be healthy then to subscribe to an incredible Mean Protein box. Mean Protein delivers protein bars, snacks and whey straight to your door. Just pick your healthy subscription box and we will do the rest.

Or why not treat yourself or gift a one-off protein box to someone you know who loves exercise. There is no better Christmas present for a gym buddy!

Anyway, lets delve into the goodies in November's twelve protein snacks & bars box:

1. To kick-start this tasty protein box, we gave you guys a delicious TREK flapjack in the white choc & raspberry flavour. This treat without the cheat will give your body a boost of 9g of protein.

2. Since everyone loves TREK, we also included a flapjack in the smoooooth lemon flavour. This cheeky little flapjack will also give you 9g of protein.

3. We recently discovered the new Grenade Oreo bars and they are honestly the best things since sliced bread. They taste just like Oreos crumbled up and packed into a chocolate shell. What's more, they offer you 21g of protein.

4. FULFIL salted caramel bars are beyond the best on the market. So we threw one into your boxes this month. These delicious bars give you a healthy 20g of protein to keep you fuelled for your workouts.

5. BULK are one of the biggest protein brands in the U.K. Therefore, we put in a macro munch bar by BULK in the delicious cherry bakewell flavour. This thick bar contains 21g of protein.

6. What to get more protein in your diet? Not to worry, we have you covered. This month you'll also find a BULK protein crispy bar in the salted caramel flavour. These bars boost you up with15g of protein. Why not have one with your morning coffee or pre-workout to give you an extra energy-hit in the gym.

7. Protein bars are delicious but you also can't beat protein crisps for all of those savoury fans. This month you'll discover protein crisps by TOTAL XP in the prawn cocktail flavour. These will give you 13 grams of protein! Yum.

8. Since FULFIL bars are awesome, we also put in a scrumptious protein bar in the white chocolate and peanut flavour. This incredible bar also packs in 20g of protein, along with a host of vitamins to keep those winter colds away.

9. Next up we have the yummy NTRIEN pouch in the RCVRY flavour. This one is in the mango & passionfruit flavour and boosts 20g of clear whey protein.

10. Barebells bars are also delicious! This month, our subscribers will find a crispy nougart flavoured Barebells bar. This wonderful protein bar contains 20g of protein to get you to hit your protein goal for the day.

11. If chocolate cookie & milk doesn't bring back the memories, I don't know what does. This month, we included a bar in just that flavour and it contains a whopping 16g of protein too.

12. TREK Original oat flapjack is the OG of protein flapjacks. It tastes just like a regular treat but with 10g of protein included too! Yum!

Those are the fabulous twelve protein snacks included in November's Box. Sound good to you? Why not check out our range of boxes here. You can subscribe for an exciting, fresh box every month or simply try out a one-off box. The choice is yours.

Have an amazing November and keep healthy.

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