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Recipe for High Protein & Low Calorie Protein Pancakes

Updated: Oct 3, 2020

How to make yummy protein pancakes with 35 grams of protein under 300kcals! These are a great alternative for a low carb, healthy breakfast and fill you up for hours. See below for the full macros of these delicious high protein pancakes.

To make these healthy protein pancakes, I wanted to create a recipe with minimum ingredients as there's nothing worse than clicking on a website to find hundreds of items you don't have. Thus, I researched and tested recipes until I found this low-carb alternative which tastes like real pancakes.

Plus, there is no better feeling than knowing you've had a protein breakfast to keep you full, energised and ready to tackle your workouts later in the day.

Keep warm this autumn with this healthy meal recipe below.


1. Protein powder (I used Bulk Powder's salted caramel whey concentrate to give the pancakes a sweet, caramel taste). Try a MEANPROTEIN box and you can make this recipe with new flavours every month!

2. 2 eggs

3. Baking powder

4. Water

And for some extra flavour, you can add a drop of vanilla flavouring too.


First add two eggs to a mixing bowl. I used fresh eggs from my own chickens which is why these look so yellow and yummy.

Next, add one scoop of protein powder. You can use any flavour but I used Bulk Powders whey concentrate in the salted caramel flavour as this works in many recipes and adds more diversity to the other recipes online which all use vanilla protein powder. Plus, Bulk Powders have less that 1 gram of carbs per scoop, making this recipe low-carb which is great for people on the keto diet.

If you want to try this recipe with new flavours every time, try out a MEANPROTEIN box which provides protein powder in new flavours from a range of brands in every protein subscription box.

Next, add a level teaspoon of baking powder to the mix. You can pick this up from any supermarket baking section to make this a cheap protein breakfast recipe. Great for those students returning to university this semester and searching for a cheap protein recipe to help them out at the gym. Sick of the typical student chicken nuggets and chips...don't worry, this is just as easy to make and it's healthy.

Finally, mix this up with enough cold water to make the texture runny and smooth, with no powder left. I used around 50mls of water.

Now, you need to heat a frying pan to a high-heat so that these create small pancakes when pouring the mixture in. You want it to set in the pan quickly.

Again, to make low calorie pancakes, I used 1 kcal spray instead of oil which decreases the fat content and thus, makes this breakfast low calorie. If you're looking to make this a cheaper breakfast recipe, avoid the supermarkets for low kcal spray and check out other shops, such as pound stores. These will sell the healthy alternative at a cheaper price.

Once the mixture is mixed, pour small circles of mixture into the pre-heated frying pan and turn down the heat a little but enough to make the pancakes cook in 1-2 minutes. Remember to flip them halfway through.

You want your protein pancakes to look a brown/yellow colour with a fluffy texture once you flip them.

Stack them up and this recipe will make eight delicious pancakes. Why not try to impress your partner with a healthy pancake snack this weekend? They'll think you're a pro chef when really, this was an quick protein recipe to make.

In terms of toppings, I added some Bulk Powders zero calorie syrup in the maple flavour, a strawberry cut up, with a dollop of jam and a teaspoon of honey. However, if you're looking for a low-carb pancake recipe, you could cut out the honey and add peanut butter or stick to the zero calorie syrup for a low calorie pancake topping.


Protein - 35 grams

Carbs - 2 grams

Fats - 12 grams

Total calories - 270 calories

Let us know if you tried this recipe yourself by tagging us on Instagram @mean_protein


And remember to order a MEANPROTEIN protein subscription box to get fresh protein powder, protein bars and snacks in every box. You can then make a new flavour of protein pancakes every week or month and you could even break up a protein bar on top of the pancake to make this a real treat!


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