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  • When will I recieve my box?
    Once subscribed to a monthly plan, we aim for you to receive your MEANPROTEIN box within the first week of every month. Your first box will be shipped within a week of purchase. After that, you will sync up with the monthly customers and receive your box on the first week of each month. If you subscribe to a weekly plan, you will get a fresh box delivered each week.
  • When will I be chraged?
    For monthly customers: You will be charged for your first box on the date that you subscribe. This will be delivered within the first week of the month. You will be billed on a monthly basis on the day that you first make a purchase. For example, if you purchase your subscription on the 13th March, you will be billed on the 13th April and again on the 13th of each month until cancellation. Please allow a couple of days for this to be taken from your account. For weekly customers: You will be charged for your first box on the date that you subscribe and on a weekly basis there after until you cancel your subscription.
  • What happens if I first subscribe at the end of the month?
    We will endeavour to get your first box to you within the first week of the month after you subscribe. For example, if you superscribe on the 30th June, you will receive your first box within the first week of July. However, it may be delivered in the second week of the month if our regular orders have already been shipped.
  • Can I cancel my subscription?
    You may cancel your subscription at any time.
  • Can I return a box if I'm not happy with it?
    Unfortunately, due to the nature of the products within the boxes, we cannot offer refunds for boxes already shipped to you. If there is something wrong with the box, please feel free to contact us. Please navigate to our 'contact us' page for more information.
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