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May's Protein 500 Whey & Bars Box

Updated: May 21, 2021

Well, it's May which means the gyms are finally open again...horary! And you know what that means? More gains but with more gains, you need more protein and below you will find out all about the delicious goodies that were in this month's protein subscription 500 Whey & Bars box.

Did you know protein helps with recovery after a workout, as well as giving you extra energy while exercising too? So why not treat yourself to a protein-packed mean protein subscription box this month? See below the yummy bars, snacks and whey protein which were within this month's mass protein snack box. And remember, if you want a customised protein box, pop your preferred flavours into the form when checking out and we will see what we can do.

We've outdone ourselves again as this month's fitness box totalled at 534.8g protein. That's 34.8g more than we promise. And within the box, you will find 11 delicious snacks as seen below.

1. This month's whey flavour was the captivating chocolate mint by BULK. This will provide you with 360g of protein and they have a new recipe which is less calories than the old powders. Thus, a scoop of this yummy flavour will only offset you 114 calories and will provide you with 22g protein.

2. Sticking to BULK, we included the yummy and chunky Macro Munch Chunky Chocolate Orange bar. When we tried this protein bar, we melted it in the microwave for a few seconds and added some high-protein ice cream to it and it was mad how nice that was! 100% would recommend.

3. As always, we added a cheeky sachet of Whey Box powder and this month we added the banana flavour. This is great as a shake or you could add it to a smoothie for an extra fruity touch! Have you seen our smoothie recipes on our blog here?

4. A new addition to this protein box was the BULK porridge pot in the chai, goji and pear flavour. This is absolutely great for breakfast or as a warm evening snack. It's got 22g protein per pot and isn't powdery like some of the other oat pots out there. Absolutely delicious!

5. We also included a TREK protein bar in the great peanut power flavour. This has 10g protein!

6. A Grenade bar in the jaffa cake flavour because you can't go wrong with a yummy biscuit (or cake if you're wrong in that classic argument).

7. This month we also added a Barebells bar in the hazelnut and nougat flavour.

8. As well as the Barebells cookies and cream bar which has a satisfying soft filling, like real cookie dough!

9. We were also able to add one of our personal favourite bars, the CLIF bar in the blueberry flavour (previously out of stock for a hundred years).

10. A MYPROTEIN layered protein bar in the peanut flavour. This is one of those great, chunky bars with crispy bits on the top...tasty! 11. And finally, we included a full-sized FULFIL bar in the chocolate hazelnut whip flavour. Have you seen our FULFIL smoothie recipe here?

Phew, that was a lot included this month and if each of these protein bars was bought for the retail value of £2.50 and the whey was £12.99, you've saved £10.00 by subscribing to Mean Protein! You've got the gains in the gym and in your wallet.

Think you fancy a box? Why not try out a cheeky single box to see all of the healthy snacks you could get. Check it out here and either select a monthly, weekly or one off box depending on your preference.

Enjoy your May and enjoy the gyms!

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