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December's MEANPROTEIN Box

Here's a taste of the vast quantity of protein bars and whey included in December's Mass Mean Protein box!

This month's protein snack box totalled 502 grams of protein made up of 11 delicious protein snacks from 7 big protein brands. We tried to include lots of bars this month to keep you fuelled throughout the Christmas season!

Here's a breakdown of what was included within this Mean Protein box:

- 1 500g bag of whey from MYPROTEIN in the deviously delicious dark chocolate and salted caramel flavour. This bag includes 325 grams of protein.

- 1 Bulk Powders macro munch bar. We put in the magnificent millionaires shortbread flavour because who doesn't love a caramel square? This is a whopping 20 grams of protein.

- 1 Whey Box sachet in the coconut flavour to add a fruity twist to this box. This little sachet is 16 grams of protein with less than 100kcals.

- 1 apple crumble and custard whey sachet from MYPROTEIN which contains 20 grams of protein. These sachets are great for when you're on the go and need a quick protein fix without taking your massive bag of whey with you.

- 1 Barebells White Chocolate and Almond flavoured protein bar with 20 grams of protein within it.

- 1 Barebells crunchy fudge flavoured protein bar. This also contains 20 grams of protein. We try to always aim for bars with more than 10 grams of protein. So, 20 grams is double our aim!

- 1 Grande protein bar. Each box came with a mystery flavour this month but the photo above shows the dark chocolate raspberry flavour which is also 20 grams of protein.

- 1 mini FULFIL protein/vitamin bar in the chocolate deluxe flavour. A classic, favourite FULFIL bar with 15 grams of protein.

- 1 mini chocolate hazelnut whip FULFIL bar. This also has 15 grams of protein in it despite it's mini size. Plus these only have about 150kcals per bar!

- 1 MYPROTEIN protein flapjack. Again, this is 20 grams of protein. Nothing but the best snacks protein filled snacks for the MEANPROTEIN boxes!

Like what you see? Why not try out a protein fitness subscription box yourself?


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