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What's in A MEANPROTEIN Box? October's protein subscription box revealed!

October has arrived and it's time to reveal the goodies within this high-protein snack box! The mass box is our best selling protein subscription box with a whopping 500g of protein per box at only £31.99 per month, what's not to love?

In this month's Mean Protein box, we delivered 511.5g of protein in the mass box. That's 11.5g over our 500g target which means more protein for you!

Inside the box was:

- 1 x 250g bag of MYPROTEIN impact whey protein in the strawberries & cream flavour - 187.5g of protein in this incredible flavour.

- 1 250g bag of MYPROTEIN impact whey protein in the coffee flavour - 180g of coffee flavoured protein for a great midday hit.

- 1 Barebells Salty-Peanut bar - 20g protein in this yummy, crunchy bar.

- 1 Grenade Bar birthday cake flavour which is another 20g of protein.

- 1 MYPROTEIN impact whey sample in the fruity blueberry flavour - 20g of protein in this low calorie sachet.

- 1 MYPROTEIN impact whey sample in the pineapple flavour to keep it fruity - 20g in this too.

- 1 Crunchy peanut butter CLIF bar with 11g per bar.

- 1 KIND peanut butter bar which has 12g of protein.

- 1 MYPROTEIN sweet chilli & sour cream crisps which are 11g of protein. Great for a low calorie snack in the evening.

- 1 mini FULFIL chocolate peanut butter bar which holds 15g of protein.

- 1 mini FULFIL chocolate hazelnut whip bar which also contains 15g of protein.

That's an incredible 11 products from six top protein brands in this excellent workout box!

Does this sounds like your sort of subscription box?

Why not try it out to gain an extra 500g of protein per week/month in this amazing U.K-based subscription box. Get new flavours from the biggest brands and an array of protein products to keep you working hard in the gym. We promise, this protein box will help you attain the gains!

Or if you want a box with a little less protein to get a taste for protein, then try out the Lean Protein Subscription Box which contains 250g of protein for some lighter workouts. Only £26.99 per month.


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