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January's 500 Whey & Bars Box

Welcome to 2022! We hope you can attain even more gains this year and no better why to hit the new gym than with a protein box subscription.

Below you will find information on the January 500 Whey & Bars box. It is compiled of 10 items and totals 541G of protein which is 41G for free! And don't forget, you can tell us your favourite bars for a personalised box and also buy a one off box but obviously, a subscription is better for those 2022 gains!

1. BULK whey in the incredible Birthday Cake flavour (to say a happy birthday to the Earth for 2022). Just kidding, this is a customer favourite and not surprising when it includes 375G of protein. Yummy yummy.

2. We also added a Macro Munch bar in the Cookies and Cream flavour (also by Bulk). This includes 20G of protein and is one of the best bars with multiple layers of goodness.

3. As always, we included a FULFIL bar and this month, we added the scrumptious Chocolate Caramel and this contains 20G of protein, along with multiple healthy vitamins.

4. To mix it up, we included a The Protein Works Loaded Legends Cookies and Cream Loco bar which includes 15G of delicious protein.

5. We also added in a Lean Protein Bar in the white chocolate and raspberry flavour (by My Protein). At only 200 calories and 17G of protein, who can complain.

6. Grenade are one of the biggest selling protein bars in the U.K which is why we almost always include them (plus they are delicious). This month, you will find a Peanut Nutter bar in your box and this has a great 20G of protein.

7. Everyone loves a Barebells bar, so this month we added in a white chocolate almond bar which will give you 20G of protein. Yassss.

8. Optimum Nutrition are another amazing brand. In this box, you'll fund a crunchy Fruit and Nut protein bar which will provide you with energy in the form of 20G of protein. Great for a post workout snack!

9. We recently teamed up with Wana who do some of the yummiest protein bars we have ever tried. So this month, you will find a white chocolate with strawberry cream bar in your box and this has 14G of protein.

10. Finally, we added in a BULK lemon drizzle flapjack which will give you 20G of protein. Almost like a cake in texture, this is a lovely bar for the evening snacks.

Fancy a box? Find them all here!

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