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November's MEANPROTEIN box

It's November! And it's time to reveal what was included in this high-protein snack box! The mass box is our best selling protein subscription box with a whopping 500g of protein per box at only £31.99 per month!

This month's protein subscription box totalled at 511.5 grams of protein. If you're a woman the NHS recommends getting 45 grams per day and for men it's 55.5 grams, so this is enough for 9-10 days if this was the only protein you ate! That's tonnes.

This protein box included:

- 1 White Chocolate Bulk Powders Whey Concentrate. With 381.5 grams of protein in this 500g bag, you can't go wrong.

- 1 mini FULFIL bar in the yummy chocolate peanut and caramel flavour with a whopping 15g of protein for such a little but mighty bar.

- 1 cookies and cream MYPROTEIN layered bar. This has 20 grams of protein.

- 1 TREK morning berry flapjack for all of you with a sweet tooth looking for a protein boost.

- 1 Protein Works Chocolate Caramelicious bar with 15g of protein.

- 1 15 gram Whey Box sachet in the toffee flavour.

- 1 15 gram Whey Box sachet in the chocolate orange flavour to give you all a hint of Christmas.

- 1 Grenade bar in the new Jaffa Cake flavour. Of course, Grenade always has a mass of protein in it which is why we almost always include Grenade in our boxes. Therefore, this one has 23 grams of protein in it.

- 1 Grenade bar which is a mystery. Each box this month received a different bar here but this particular box in the photo has cookies and cream with 23.3 grams included.

That's nine items from seven massive brands.

Why not TRY A BOX today?

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