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November's 500 Whey & Bars Box

Hello November! Want to know what was in this month's randomised box? Look no further as below you will find a detailed description of the mass quantity of delicious bars, snacks and whey which was in this amazing workout box.

And don't forget, you can always tell us your favourite flavours and brands in the check-out section for a personalised protein box.

So in this month's box, we delivered twelve items from seven big brands and this totalled 500G of protein. Therefore, next time you're feeling peckish, look to your Mean Protein box for a healthy snack rather than running out to the shop for something unhealthy which won't make you attain the gains at the gym.

1. This month, instead of one bag of whey, we split the 500g bag up into different flavours in order to keep the box interesting. Firstly, we added in whey by The Protein Works and this was in the yummy banoffee deluxe flavour, weighing in at 161 grams of protein.

2. Next we added in 200g protein in the form of whey by My Protein in the smooth vanilla flavour. As you probably know, vanilla is great for adding to recipes, so have a look out for some fun high-protein recipes online or have a scroll through our blog for some inspiration as we have some yummy smoothies and pancake recipes.

3. We also included two little My Protein pop rolls which all have between 7.6 to 8.2g protein per bar. These are great for a little protein hit, not to mention they only have 100 calories, making them great for weight-loss diets.

4. Another addition to this incredible protein box is the Bulk vegan blondie which provides 16g protein. With it's yummy cake-like texture and soft core, this is possibly the best item in the box for a healthy dessert.

5. As Grenade is a customer favourite, we added in a random bar. This means that every box is unique and has a different flavour to any other box. For example, you might get salted peanut or fudge brownie or Jaffa cake. Tell us your favourite at checkout for a personalised box.

6. You will also find a My Protein Birthday Cake layered bar in your protein workout box this month. This contributes 20.4g protein into your diet. The more protein you eat, the better the muscle recovery and energy you will have (just make sure not to have too much).

7. Everyone loves a Fulfil bar. So this month we added in the chocolate brownie flavour which provides a big 20g of protein. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

8. To add to the whey within the box, we included Whey Box in the banana flavour. As banana is a fruit, this is a great sachet to add to smoothies or yogurt breakfasts.

9. We also included a millionaire's shortbread truffle by The Protein Works which is a little bit like a cake and tastes incredible. Plus it's great for a protein snack as it gives you 12 grams of protein...wonderful!

10. We also added in a Protein World slender bar in the white chocolate and almond flavour. This will give you a protein boost of 10g.

11. Finally we included another slender bar in the milk chocolate and almond flavour which again, gives you 10g of protein for a quick protein hit after a workout.

We hope you love this box and look forward to the next one! If you are still considering subscribing, why not try out a single box first to see the awesomeness that we create and deliver for you. All you need to do is select the box you want and click on 'one-off purchase'.

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