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October's 500 Whey & Bars Box

Welcome to October! Cool mornings and nights make the perfect environment for a workout. With workouts, we require protein and if you're looking for extra protein, you have come to the right place.

This month's 500 Whey & Bars protein box is possibly the best fitness box in the U.K. This month we have given you 11 amazing protein products, including a big bag of whey protein! The box totals 581 grams of protein! That's 81 grams for free!

1. Firstly, you'll find a bag of whey by The Protein Works in the delicious whey strawberry and white chocolate flavour. This product will give you a whopping 400 grams of protein!

2. Next we popped in a My Protein layered bar in the tasty birthday cake flavour because, "Cake, everybody loves cake" - Donkey. This yummy bar will give you an extra 20 grams of protein to fuel your day!

3. We love Total XP crisps here at Mean Protein. These are a little like cheese puffs but contain 13 grams of protein! This month you will find a bag in the epic cheese flavour! Tasty!

4. Another incredible protein bar is the BULK macro munch bar in the protein chocolate flavour. This thick bar gives you 22 grams of protein which is amazing!

5. Barebells are always a customer favourite due to their lovely texture and amazing flavours. So this month we have given you guys the caramel cashew flavour which gives you 20 grams of extra protein!

6. Dieting is great with Total XP. These bags of crisps only have 110 calories and contain 13 grams of protein! So this month we also popped in a bag of chilli hotness protein crisps.

7. You may be wondering, 'how do I get extra protein into my diet?' Well protein bars are a great way to do so! This month you will also find a Grenade bar in the delicious chocolate chip cookie dough flavour! This bar will give you a 20 gram protein hit!

8. Mars bars are always yummy. So why not cut out the guilt and opt for a protein Mars bar? This month we put a yummy salted caramel Mars protein bar into the fitness protein boxes. This bar has 20 grams of protein and is less calories than a normal protein bar! Great for cutting and bulking!

9. Another delicious bar in this month's protein box is the Optimum Nutrition whipped protein bar in the white chocolate salted caramel & peanut flavour. Again, this protein bar has 20 grams of protein! Nutritional!

10. Fulfil are a very popular protein brand in the UK. So this month we put in a salted caramel Fulfil bar which gives you 20 grams of protein and a host of healthy vitamins.

11. Finally, you will find a Total XP bag of protein crisps in the smoky BBQ flavour. These crisps also have 13 grams of protein which is great for a pre-workout treat!

A Mean Protein box can help you attain the gains faster through healthy nutrition. Remember we can make slightly modified boxes depending on your tastes and likes.

Subscribe monthly or buy a one off box below:

Don't fancy the whey? No worries, we have cheaper protein snacks only boxes too. These include protein bars and snacks. Check them out below:

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