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May's 10 Protein Snack & Bars Box

Welcome to May! We usually don't write a blog post about our delicious 10 protein snack & bars box but recently it has become extremely popular. So we figured it best to show you guys what sort of yummy protein snacks you'll find in this Mean Protein box.

Scroll down for the full deets!

1. To kick start this month, we included a My Protein lean cookie in the scrumptious cranberry and white chocolate flavour.

2. Next, you'll find a My Protein double dough brownie in the cookies and cream flavour. These brownies are literally so nice and thick, just like a normal brownie should be. So you can't even tell it's a healthy, protein brownie.

3. Since these brownies are so unreal, we included another My Protein double dough brownie but this one in in the yummy chunky chocolate flavour. Amazing!

4. Next we put in a Grenade bar (since Grenade are arguably the best protein bars) in the new peanut butter jelly flavour. A very American-sounding flavour here but nevertheless, delicious!

5. Trek are also delicious protein bars, so we included a Trek flapjack in the cocoa coconut flavour.

6. Another amazing protein bar are the macro munch bars by BULK. These are really thick protein bars with multiple layers and this month, you'll find we gave you a brilliant birthday cake one because everyday you workout should be a celebration.

7. Barebells is another widely popular brand within the fitness industry. So this month we gave you guys a white chocolate salty peanut Barebells bar. This one has the perfect consistency of crunchy to sticky to soft texture to make it one of the best protein bars out there.

8. The next snack you'll find in your protein box is the My Protein carb crusher. Anyone who has ever heard of My Protein has probably come across these before as they are on of My Protein's leading protein bars. This one included is the yummy banoffee one!

9. Optimum Nutrition (otherwise known as ON) is always a great shout when it comes to protein snacks. This month you'll find the protein crisp bar in the lovely chocolate brownie flavour. These bars are similar to delicious Square bars (like rice crispy bars) but with 20g of protein. So they are literally a treat without the cheat.

10. Finally, the last item we included was different for each box. For example, one box might have got a delicious BULK vegan protein brownie and another box could have got a salted caramel macro munch. The list is endless but every bar is delicious, we promise.

Enjoy what you see here but not subscribed yet? Have a look through our boxes here. You can also try out a one off protein box to see how amazing they are, just click on the one you'd like and select one off box.

As well as the bars only boxes, we also have protein boxes which include whey too. Check them out here. These boxes can save you up to £19 when compared to buying the items all individually. So what are you waiting for?

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