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September's 500 Whey & Bars Box

Happy September everyone! We hope everyone is enjoying the remainder of the summer in style. When summer comes to an end, it's usually time to get back into shape after many meals out, holidays and general good times.

We usually reveal what is in our most popular protein box, the 500 Whey & Bars Box. And this month is no different but please remember, we also supply bar & snacks only boxes which don't contain whey (for those without a love of milk).

Nevertheless, this month's box is wicked! Packed full of 506.4 grams of protein. We know we promise you guys between 8 - 12 protein snacks each month but this September, we are giving you guys 14 yummy items in this amazing protein box! That's two for free 😍

1. Firstly, the whey in this month's box is the tasty Salted Caramel whey by BULK. This is a really rich protein powder with a smooth feel to it. At 290 grams of protein, you can't go wrong with your fitness goals!

2. The first bar you will find in your box is the delicious, new Grenade bar in the yummy lemon cheesecake flavour. This bar is super tasty and will give you 22 grams of protein to fuel your day!

3. Secondly, we included a terrific Barebells bar in the lovely cookies & cream flavour. This protein bar contains a whopping 20 grams of protein.

4. Next up we have the popular CLIF bar in the refreshing blueberry crisp flavour. This healthy bar tastes a bit like a cake and could raise the debate of whether it is a cake or a bar but either way it is simply delicious. With 9.4 grams of protein within it, there is no denying it will help you with your workouts, walks or general exercise.

5. Next you will find a yummy double dough brownie by My Protein. This protein brownie has a white chocolate and marshmallow flavour and contains 14 grams of protein! Great for a post-workout snack.

6. Protein crisps are another amazing healthy snack. So this month we threw in a bag of Total XP protein crisps in the epic cheese flavour. These big bags of crisps contain 13 grams of protein which is insane for a packet of crisps. A real treat without the cheat.

7. Another yummy protein snack is the cookies by The Protein Works. This month we included one in the salted caramel carnage flavour which gives you an extra 18 grams of protein! Some crazy quantities for a cookie.

8. You will also find a FULFIL bar within your boxes this month. Fulfil is one of the most popular brands within the U.K and contain 20 grams of protein, as well as a host of vitamins. This month you will find we a chocolate caramel Fulfil bar in your boxes.

9. Another epic flavour of Total XP protein crisps is the chilli hotness pack. This will give you an incredible 13 grams of protein for less than 110 calories and it's a massive bag of crisps! Amazing.

10. This month you will also find a lovely

chocolate brownie Fulfil bar. Containing another massive 20 grams of protein, along with healthy vitamins, such as vitamin C.

11. As protein crisps are insanely good, we also popped in a smoky BBQ pack of Total XP protein crisps. Again, these ones have 13 grams of protein which is so good for crisps. Yum!

12. Another tasty treat is the My Protein double dough brownie in the cookies and cream flavour! This packs another incredible 14 grams of protein and will keep you going for hours!

13. Barebells always go down a treat. So we also popped in a Barebells bar in the tasty white chocolate almond flavour for all those white chocolate lovers out there. This one also contains a whopping 20 grams of protein to keep you all attaining the gains!

14. Finally, you will find a Mars protein bar in the yummy M&M flavour. This one has 15 grams of protein to keep you fuelled. These are new to Mean Protein boxes, so we hope you love them!

So that's the amazing 500 Whey & Bars Box by Mean Protein (the best protein subscription in the U.K). Fancy a box? Check them out below. We also have incredible whey boxes which include protein bars & snacks only:

Ever wondered how to get a good amount of protein? The answer is Mean Protein.

You can buy a subscription box or a one off box to attain the gains! :)

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