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March's Mean Protein Subscription Box

March's Mean Protein mass protein subscription box is arguably one of the best boxes ever, with a total amount of protein weighing in at 527 grams. This totals at eight protein snacks and a 500g bag of whey. We also included a free Grenade energy drink to help you guys attain the gains.

See below for the full insights on the delicious snacks included this month.

Remember that this box is a randomised box but if you want particular flavours and brands in your box, all you need to do is tell us in the form when checking out and we will do our best to customise your snack box.

But here are the full details for this box:

1. Bulk banana flavoured whey protein which is 375G of protein. Why not try including this in a delicious smoothie. Check out our recipe here! 💪

2. A MYPROTEIN protein flapjack which is an incredible 20G of protein. That's probably 20G more protein than any regular flapjack and it tastes just as yummy. 🏋️

3. A Bulk macro munch bar in the terrifically tasty tiramisu flavour. This will also bump up your protein intake by an extra 20G. 🏃

4. One Whey Box whey sachet in the smooth chocolate flavour which has 14.4G protein. Try this with our chocolate smoothie recipe. We promise, it's delicious! 🤸

5. A Protein Works ridiculous vegan protein bar chocolate caramelicious bar which is15G protein. This bar may be smaller than the others but it's one of the best in our opinion. 🏀

6. One surprise GRENADE bar. This means that each box got a different flavour this month, such as mint chocolate chip or salted caramel but the one in the picture is the yummy fudge brownie flavour with a massive 22.7G protein. 💪 7. But that's not all, each box also got 1 Jaffa cake Grenade bar at 21.8G protein. 🏃 8. And because we know that everybody loves Grenade bars, we also included another! The third protein bar was the caramel chaos bar which weighs in at 23.2 grams of protein to fuel your workout and your day. ⚽

9. The last bar in March's box is the delicious FULFIL Chocolate fudge brownie bar. This contains 15 grams of protein. Not bad for a bar which is low calorie! 🏋️

Interested in trying out a box for yourself? Have a browse and decide which box you would like here. There is no need to subscribe as you can buy a trial box to see what all the hype is about. And remember to fill out the form when checking out to get more of the flavours that you love! Go on...treat yourself 😉

And keep up to date with all things MEANPROTEIN on our Instagram and Facebook pages!

Enjoy your March 😃

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