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May's 500 Whey & Bars Box

Welcome to May! This month we provide you guys with 518.4 grams of yummy protein in the best protein box ever...Mean Protein. This is made up of seven brands and ten delicious items.

Did you know protein helps you to feel fuller for longer, promotes muscle recovery and it is an amazing source of fuel for attaining the gains. What more could you want? Other than having a lot of bars, snacks and whey all compiled in one box of course 😉

Anyway, lets delve into the scrumptious, healthy items included in this month's protein box:

1. Lets kick-start this week with the whey included in this month's mean protein box; BULK whey in the amazing chocolate mint flavour! This provides you with 360 grams of protein. It is roughly 22 grams per serving. Great for any time of day.

2. We also popped in a My Protein double dough brownie in the smooth cookies and cream flavour. These brownies are actually super filling, with 14 grams of protein and they definitely hit that sugar craving without the guilt.

3. Next you'll find another My Protein double dough brownie but this one is the chunky chocolate flavour. Again, this contains 14 grams of protein to help you snack without the slack.

4. Everyone loves a Grenade bar which is why we include one almost every month. This month we included the white chocolate cookie flavour which gives you 22.4 grams of protein.

5. To mix it up a little we also included a protein flapjack which was the Trek Cocoa coconut one. This tastes just like a normal flapjack but better as it's healthy and is packed full with 9 grams of protein. We love these ones with a cheeky cup of coffee in the morning before the gym.

6. BULK do these amazing protein bars called macro munch. This month we included a brilliant birthday cake macro munch bar which contains 20 grams of protein. These ones are nice and sweet which is again, great to hit those sugar cravings guilt-free.

7. Barebells is another incredible, popular brand with fitness buffs like ourselves. Therefore, we threw in the Barebells bar in the white chocolate salty peanut flavour. This one also provides you with 20 grams of protein, so it's a great one for before or after your gym, swim, run or workout. Failing that, just have it as a little treat.

8. In this box, you'll also find a Snickers hi protein bar. These taste just like normal Snickers bars but instead of being unhealthy, they contain 20 grams of protein, making them just like any other protein bar but simply delicious!

9. Optimum Nutrition is another big brand within the fitness scene. So this month, you find a protein crisp bar in the chocolate brownie flavour. These bars are a little like squares bars but 100% better and with 18 grams of protein, you can't go wrong.

10. Finally, we put in a golden syrup flapjack by BULK. This one is really good as a cheeky late night snack but it can be consumed whenever you want. It has 21 grams of protein within it, so use it to your advantage and attain the gains.

We hope you guys enjoy this box as much as we love putting it together! Now that the weather is getting better, why not take your box out with you on a picnic or camping?

Not subscribed yet? Why not try a one-off box to see how much you love it and then decide to subscribe later? Check out our full range of boxes here.

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