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November's Protein 12 Snacks & Bars Box

The 12 snacks and bars box is becoming one of our most popular protein subscription boxes. Therefore, we thought we should give you guys a flavour of what was in this month's box. Don't forget, you can also purchase a cheeky one off box to treat yourself or someone else too. Perfect as a Christmas gift for a gym buddy.

1. To kick start this amazing protein subscription box, you'll find a delightful Optimum Nutrition bar in the chocolate caramel flavour. This one contains a colossal 20G of protein.

2. Next we gave you guys a tasty BULK porridge pot which is bursting with chia, goji and pear flavours. This has a whopping 23G of protein per pot! Just what you need to start off your day the right way.

3. FULFIL bars are full of healthy vitamins and taste just like chocolate. In this month's protein box, you'll find the chocolate peanut butter or chocolate caramel flavour. These both contain a huge 20G of protein per bar.

4. Grenade is amongst one of the most popular protein brands within the U.K. Are you wondering, 'how much protein I should eat'? Well you don't need to when you have a subscription like Mean Protein. This dark chocolate mint flavoured bar is packed full of 22g of protein. For more information on protein quantities, check out our blog post here.

5. Next up is the Mars M&M crispy bar. This one is like two little healthy traybake slices with an incredible 15g of protein in them. Scrumptious!

6. Wana bars are pretty new on the scene. They are like biting into pure deliciousness. They are crispy on the outside with a creamy filling. This month we included a white chocolate with pistachio cream bar and this one will give you an extra 14 grams of protein to fuel your workouts.

7. Barebells are another big U.K brand and in this incredible protein box, you'll discover the tasty white chocolate almond flavoured bar. This one will give you 20 grams of protein.

8. Impact Protein bars are brand new My Protein products. We have bought a few of these for the coming month's boxes but this month you'll find a chocolate orange flavoured bar with an incredible 20 grams of protein.

Wondering what all these bars look like? Make sure to follow us on Instagram and like us on Facebook.

9. More of a savoury person? Not to worry, we added in a more a more oaty bar which is the TREK original oat bar. Containing 9 grams of protein, it'll keep you full. We usually enjoy these ones with a cosy cup of tea in the evening. Pure vibes.

10. Protein tiffins are lovely little protein cakes by BULK. Not only are they tasty but they also give you 15G of protein to fuel your day.

11. Everyone loves a flapjack, especially us here at Mean Protein and especially when they contain 20G of protein. So in this month's healthy box, you'll find a My Protein chocolate flapjack which has lovely little chocolate chips in it.

12. As everyone loves Barebells so much, we threw in another one in the salty peanut flavour. This one has a huge 20 grams of protein too!

Bulking or cutting? We have a box for everyone. Protein helps reduce hunger and also maintains muscle when cutting / dieting. It also helps you to bulk up if you eat enough. No better way to do so than with a healthy protein subscription by Mean Protein! But don't forget, we also do one off boxes for anyone looking for a tasty protein gift or gym buddy birthday present.

Did you know that when you stick to a diet of healthy food, you gain an optimistic outlook, you have fewer mood fluctuations and you get an improved ability to focus? Again, another tempting reason to subscribe to us.

For ideas on what to expect within our Whey & Bars boxes or to see some tasty protein recipes, check out our blog below:

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