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February's 500 Whey & Bars Box

Welcome to February everyone! It's the month of love and what's not to love about protein? So give the gift of a yummy protein box to your Valentine this year. We have one of boxes, as well as monthly subscriptions and Mean Protein flasks to keep your Valentine (or just yourself) happy and fit.

In this 500 Whey & Bars box, you will find a range of tasty protein snacks, as well as two 250g bags of whey. The total protein within this box is 521g which will help you hit your workout targets! It's all about the gainz!

The whey in this month's protein box consists of two 250g bags of whey by My Protein. These yummy bags of protein split up the flavours, so you get two instead of just one! The first bag of protein within this tasty protein box is the refreshing yogurt flavour and contains 192.5g of protein. The second bag of when is cookies & cream flavour which boosts your workouts with 197.5g of protein.

The third delicious snack in this fitness box is the M&Ms Hi-Protein bar. This bar is just like an M&Ms bake; simply delicious. This yummy snack provides you with another 15g of protein.

Next we added in a Macro Munch protein bar by BULK in the delicious cherry bakewell flavour. These scrumptious protein bars give you a big 21g of protein.

Optimum Nutrition is one of the most popular protein companies within the U.K. Therefore, you'll find a crisp protein bar by ON in the chocolate brownie flavour. This one contains 20g of protein.

My Protein bars are some of the best. In this month's high protein subscription box, you'll discover an impact protein bar in the fudge brownie flavour which will fuel your workout with 20g of protein. Yum!

Next up we popped in a yummy Mountain Joes protein millionaire cake in the chocolate flavour. This tasty treat without the cheat is packed full of 13g of protein and it tastes just like a normal caramel square!

Since My Protein are super popular, we also popped in a layered bar in the chocolate peanut pretzel flavour. This layered bar contains a whopping 20g of protein to keep you active and fit. Did you know that protein helps rebuild the tears in muscles from workout out. Thus, recovery is quicker. Your body is basically telling you to get yourself a cheeky Mean Protein box.

Does Protein help you recover more quickly?

  • Yes Yes and Yes

  • I haven't noticed

TREK bars are a customer favourite, so we also included a peanut butter TREK flapjack to keep you all going. This delicious treat contains 9g of protein. Incredible for a flapjack!

Finally, we included a packet of TOTAL XP crisps in the prawn cocktail flavour. These hi-protein crisps contain 13g of protein to give our subscribers a real protein hit!

That's a wrap on February's box. Don't forget that we have a range of boxes which contain different protein goodies, such as whey or wheyless protein boxes. Check them all out below!

Have a wonderful February and attain the gains!

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