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May's 500 Whey & Bars Box

Welcome to May! The weather is in prime season in our opinion. Perfect for the gym as it's not too hot and not too cold. It's also sunny for long runs, hikes and general outdoor sports!

In this month's box, we provided a whopping 550g of protein! That's 50G of protein for free! Ever wondered how to get free protein? With a Mean Protein box obviously!

Let's delve into the goodies:

Firstly, we put in a bag of whey by The Protein Works in the delicious banana smooth flavour. This extra tasty whey will give you 405g of protein throughout the month of May and beyond (depending how much you love protein - you could drink it all at once but we don't advise that as it has series health risks lol).

Next up you'll find some My Protein protein crisps in the yummy thai sweet chilli flavour. These tasty crisps will provide you with 11g of protein and they are less than 100kcals! Amazing.

A Barebells cookies & cream bar is the next delicious snack you'll find in your protein subscription box. This bar contains an incredible 20g of protein which is great for a post or pre-workout protein hit!

Don't forget that you can tell us your favourite flavours at check out and we will endeavour to include them!

Everyone loves cinnamon. That's why next up you'll discover a MAXI cinnamon crunch bar. Containing 15g of protein, what's not to love?

Next up, we put in a tasty, thick My Protein layered bar in the yummy chocolate peanut pretzel flavour. The clue is in the name with this one and it's layered with multiple levels of tasty protein. This one contains a delicious 20g of protein.

Mountain Joes are one of the newest protein brands that we have in our boxes. We teamed up with them in January. This month, you'll find a protein caramel fudge flapjack by them in your protein boxes. The amazing thing about this flapjack is that it'll give you 15g of protein which is mad for a flapjack! A treat without the cheat.

Optimum Nutrition or ON are another customer favourite. So this month, we included a whipped protein bar in the rocky road flavour and this one contains 20g of protein. 20-25g is probably the best that you will get from a protein bar, so this is one of the best out there!

Next up we have the top tier protein bar of all time, the Grenade Oreo bar. If you don't agree, you're wrong. This bar tastes just like the Cadbury's Oreo bars but it also gives you 20g of protein to fuel your day!

Are Grenade Oreo bars the best?

  • Yes!

  • No...

The next delicious protein snack in this month's protein box is The Protein Works ridiculous triple chocolate brownie bar. This tasty treat gives you a 15g protein hit for your workouts, runs, matches and whatever else you use protein for in your day.

Last but not least, we included a TREK white choc & raspberry flapjack. These ones are great with a cup of tea or coffee and they give you a yummy 9g of protein.

Those are the copious amounts of yummy treats included in this protein box. If you want to try one out, remember that you don't have to subscribe; one off protein boxes are available too! Try them out here. We hope that you have a lovely May and attain the gains!

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