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National Pets Day: Unleash Your Fitness Potential with your pets and protein!

Calling fitness enthusiasts and pet lovers! Did you know that it's National Pets Day today (11th April)? It's the perfect time to celebrate our furry friends and the incredible impact they have on our lives, especially when it comes to boosting energy levels, increasing fitness and smashing those fitness goals!

Let's face it, sometimes finding the motivation to hit the gym or go for a run can be a struggle but guess what? Our four-legged companions are here to save the day! Whether you have a loyal dog, a playful cat or even a mischievous rabbit, pets have a magical way of inspiring us to get moving and stay active.

Don't forget to get your protein in while on your adventures with a convenient Mean Protein box. Find out more below:

Lets delve into the positive effects of pets!

Pet's can:

1. Energise Your Day: Ever noticed how your pet wakes up with boundless energy, ready to take on the world? Well, that energy is contagious! Spending time with your pet in the morning can give you that extra boost you need to kickstart your day. Take them for a brisk walk or play a game of fetch. This will help drain their energy to be the perfect pet, as well as helping you to stay fit and active. 

2. Exercise Buddies: Pets make the best exercise buddies! They're always up for a walk, run or even a game of tag no matter the weather. 

3. Outdoor Adventures: Pets love exploring the great outdoors and they'll happily drag you along for the ride. Whether it's hiking, biking or simply playing in the park, your pet will encourage you to get out and embrace new adventures. Plus it's a great way to get to know your neighbours as dog-walkers are the most friendly of people! At Mean Protein, we have a dog who is always full of beans. She runs up to everybody wagging her entire body in the labrador way (she is a lab crossed with a German shepard) and therefore, we get to meet everyone in the local area! It's great. 

4. Unconditional Support: Pets are the ultimate cheerleaders. They don't care about your fitness level or how many reps you can do; they're just happy to be by your side cheering you on.

Why not order a Mean Protein box to keep you motivated, fuelled and ready for your pet adventures?

Our protein subscription boxes and one-off protein boxes are designed to keep you fuelled and nourished throughout your workouts. Packed with protein bars, snacks, and whey, these boxes are tailored to your needs. Don't like whey, no problem, pick the snacks & bars box. Love whey, then choose one of our two tasty boxes with whey included. 

So, why not treat yourself to a tasty Mean Protein box. It's the perfect companion to your fitness journey, ensuring you have the fuel you need to conquer any workout. Plus, you can easily grab a snack to take with you on your adventures with your pets this summer. 

Remember, National Pets Day is a celebration of the incredible bond we share with our furry friends. Let's honour them by embracing their infectious energy, staying active and attaining the gains. 

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