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July's 500 Whey & Bars Box

Hello July! With July we have lovely sunny days and bright evenings, ideal for workouts, walks and general leisure. So this month we brought you more items than ever in your 500 whey & bars box (our most popular protein box). This month we gave you 13 protein bars/snacks from 7 big brands and 504 grams of protein.

To kick start July, the flavour of whey protein this month is the delicious vanilla by BULK which gives you 295 grams of protein in total. This is the essential whey and has a very smooth, light texture to it, making it lovely and creamy.

Next we threw in a My Protein lean protein bar in the white chocolate and raspberry flavour. This one has a tasty 17 grams of protein to keep you fuelled throughout the day.

Grenade is probably one of the most popular protein brands within the UK. So in this month's protein snack box you will find the new peanut butter and jelly flavour. This one has a whopping 20 grams of protein which is amazing for any workout.

Mars protein bars literally just taste like normal Mars bars but with fewer calories and more gains! This one also gives you 20 grams of protein. Great for a high-energy pre workout or a cheeky evening treat (without the cheat of course).

FULFIL is another incredibly popular brand as these bars not only provide protein but also a host of vitamins. This month we put in a delicious salted caramel flavour bar (the blue one) which has 20 grams of protein.

My Protein always have tasty whey protein, so we added in a whey sample. Each box has a different flavour, such as chocolate mint, strawberry, chocolate peanut and caramel. These have roughly 18 grams per whey sachet and they are great for weekend getaways or long journeys when you want something healthy.

Another bar in this incredible protein box is the TREK bar in the cocoa oat flavour, providing you with 9 grams of protein.

Everyone loves flapjacks, especially when they have 21 grams of protein in them. So we included a protein flapjack by BULK this month, in the refreshing apple and cinnamon flavour.

We also threw in a macro munch terrifically tasty tiramisu by BULK which will give you a delightful 20 grams of protein. These taste like little cakes in the form of a healthy protein bar.

Another delicious bar is the My Protein layered bar in the yummy birthday cake flavour. This will provide you with 20 grams of protein for your workouts.

Cookies! Everyone loves a cookie! Especially one with health benefits! In this protein box, you'll find a huge protein cookie in the salted caramel carnage flavour by The Protein Works, which fuel you with a whopping 18 grams of protein (for comparison, normal cookies have 1-2 grams of protein).

Total XP protein crisps are a new brand within our boxes. They are just like cheese puffs but with only under 110 calories. This month we gave you guys two bags of these tasty crisps. We popped in a bag of protein crisps in the epic cheese flavour and another bag in the BBQ flavour. These will provide you with a cheeky 13 grams of protein per bag.

Another incredible box this month if we do say so ourselves. We hope you love it just as much as we love compiling them together for you all.

Not subscribed yet but want to try a one-off box? Just click on the box you want here and then select 'One Off'. Don't forget, our boxes save you up to £20 a month compared to buying the items separately, so save some pennies and treat yourself to the best subscription out there! You'll not regret it 😊

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