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April's Mean Protein Box

Updated: May 21, 2021

The birds are chirping, the runners are out running and the weight training has moved into the garden. Welcome to Spring.

And with spring, brings the brand new April box for you to feast upon. Below you will find the delicious bars, snacks and whey protein which were within this month's mass protein snack box. And remember, if you want a customised protein box, pop your preferred flavours into the form when checking out and we will see what we can do.

This month's box totalled at 527g protein which is 27g free! And within the box, you will find 11 delicious snacks! This month, instead of giving you one 500g bag of whey, we mixed it up and gave you two 250g bags in two fresh flavoursome flavours. Please see below for the full details of April's workout box:

1. A MYPROTEIN 250g bag of whey in the Chocolate Smooth flavour which will give you 187.5G protein. As each scoop is 25g, you get 10 scoops worth within this bag which will fuel you with extra protein for 10 workouts! 💪

2. A MYPROTEIN 250g bag of whey in the Irish Coffee flavour. We thought it only right to include this new flavour since Mean Protein is based in Northern Ireland. There is a scrumptious 185G protein in this one and it's great for a cheeky midday snack at work with the flavour of coffee whiskey. 🤸

3. A MYPROTEIN Carb Crusher bar in the chocolate sea salt flavour. There are 22g in this delicious bar. 🏃

4. A Bulk chocolate orange cookie which has 27.8g of protein. Protein cookies may often be powdery or soft but this one is by far the best we've ever tried. It tastes just like a normal cookie! Why not take this one out to your spring picnic to make it healthy? 🍪

5. It is not a Mean Protein box with a cheeky sachet of Whey Box whey. This month's flavour is the yummy strawberry one. Great to add to a smoothie or mixed in with yogurt. Why not try it within this granola breakfast recipe. 🏋️

6. One TREK bar in the peanut power flavour. This bar is a great one to take out on hikes or walks now that the season's are getting sunnier and with 10g protein, it's sure to give you the energy you need to succeed. 🚶

7. A Grenade Carb Crusher bar in the dark chocolate mint flavour. As always, Grenade smashes it with 22g protein hidden within this lovely refreshing bar. 💪

8. Another cookie but this time it's a chocolate-type with it's official flavour down as salted caramel carnage. This bar will provide you with an extra 18g protein. Why not try warming it up to make it deliciously gooey and then add some protein ice cream too? 🍪

9. One Optimum Nutrition (ON) bar in the chewy caramel cookie flavour. This yummy bar has 20g protein. 🏄

10. One Barebells bar in the cookie and cream flavour which will give you another 20g protein. 🧗

11. And finally, we included an extra Easter mini FULFIL bar in the fudge brownie flavour. This will fuel you with an extra 15g protein. 🏊‍♀️

Think you fancy a box? Why not try out a cheeky single box to see all of the healthy snacks you could get. Check it out here and either select a monthly, weekly or one off box depending on your preference.

Enjoy your April.

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