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December's Whey & Bars Box

It's December at last! Almost everyone's favourite month! And this month we bring you one of the best boxes ever. At 551.8 grams of protein and thirteen incredible items, we outdid ourselves again!

Let's delve into the monthly protein box but first, remember that we also offer awesome one-off boxes which are ideal gifts for gym friends or workout enthusiasts.

1. Firstly we have the delicious banana milkshake flavoured whey by The Protein Works which gives you 161 grams of protein. This is incredible in smoothie mixes! Check out our recipes here 🎄

2. Next, we included a bag of MY PROTEIN whey in the yummy rocky road flavour which provides a whopping 187.5 grams of delicious protein 🎁

3. We also added in a little Whey Box sachet in the chocolate orange flavour. These sachets are great for holidays or days out when you need a protein hit. This one will give you 14.3 grams ⭐

4. Next, you will find the white chocolate flapjack by Bulk. This is so yummy, it doesn't even feel healthy but it is and it provides you the 20 gram protein hit you need before or after a workout 🎅

5. We also added in the chocolate peanut and caramel FULFIL bar. All FULFIL bars are packed full of vitamins and each include 20 grams of protein 🦌

6. You will also find a yummy FULFIL salted caramel bar 🍪

7. Another Fulfil bar we included this month is the chocolate brownie flavour. Can't go wrong with Fulfil protein bars 🔔

8. A new bar this month is the My Protein crispy layered bar in the white chocolate and peanut flavour. This is, as described, crunchy, crispy and satisfying. It also gives you a 16 gram protein hit.

9. To keep in with the Christmas vibe, we added in a cheeky Grenade ginger bread bar which includes 20 grams of protein. Why not keep this one for Christmas day, melt it in the microwave with some cheeky ice cream for a lovely dessert because who actually likes Christmas cake? 🎄

10. We also included a Barebells caramel cashew bar which is 20 grams of yummy yummy protein. This is an easy hit of protein, so we recommend these bars for going out and about to stop you from buying unhealthy food and replacing it with an even better protein bar. Your future self will thank you :😊

11. Have you tried the Mars original 20 gram protein bar yet? It's just like a normal mars bar but healthy which is ideal to get the gains you want!⭐

12. The twelfth bar we included was a new brand within Mean Protein boxes; Wana. Wana are amazing little bars with creamy centers. The one we included is the delicious milk chocolate and coconut cream bar. Delicious! 🎅

13. Finally, a big happy Christmas from us here at Mean Protein. To celebrate, we threw in a free big protein milk chocolate bar by My Protein. This is 19 grams of protein and we really hope you enjoy it 🎁

If you are interested in buying a subscription or a one off protein box, click here! Or visit our shop at the top of the page. Above is simply our most popular box but we also have protein bar boxes and slick Mean Protein flasks on offer as well. So be a gym bro or gym gal and purchase your fuel today! 💪

Again, a very happy Christmas from us here at Mean Protein. Keep safe, God bless and be merry 🎅

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