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April's 500 Whey & Bars Box

It's finally April! Spring time yay! Time for tonnes of walks, runs and outdoor activities. With the increased fitness, our bodies also require extra protein to keep your recovery-levels high. So you've come to the right place with Mean Protein boxes.

To our subscribers, we hope you all loved the items that arrived in this this month's awesome protein box! Did you know that protein can help fuel your workouts, it leads to quicker muscle recovery and it keeps you full for longer?

Not only do we love our subscribers but we also have one-off customers too. So if you want to buy a protein box every now or again or treat a gym-buddy, you can do so. All of our boxes are available as both subscriptions and as one-offs.

Anyways, this month's box contains an incredible 524.5g of protein! Below is a breakdown of all of the goodies included in this month's 500 whey & bars box:

My Protein are one of the biggest protein brands in the U.K. This month, the whey that we included is My protein Impact whey protein in the speculoos flavour. For anyone who doesn't know, speculoos is basically biscoff without calling is biscoff, so it's amazing! In this bag of protein, you'll be in for an extra 197.5g of protein.

As the speculoos whey is a 250g bag, we also included another 250g bag of whey (as this box includes 500g of whey and a total quantity of at least 500g of protein too). You'll also find a My Protein Impact whey protein bag in the hokkaido milk flavour. This is a Japanese sweet milk and this one will give you 200g of protein.

Next up, we put in a bag of Total XP protein crisps. These tasty little crispy balls contain 13g of protein and are in the delicious smoky BBQ flavour.

Grenade bars are also super popular. This month you'll find a Grenade protein bar in the tasty salted peanut flavour. This bar contains a whopping 20g of protein to keep you going.

Optimum Nutrition (ON) do these lovely chocolate mint protein bars. In our Mean Protein April 500 whey & bars box, we included one of these tasty bars which will boost you with 18g of protein!

Next up we have a Mountain Joes cake. Mountain Joes are one of the newest brands that we have teamed up with. Their protein carrot cake is the best thing since sliced bread! It also contains 10g of protein which is crazy for something that tastes like actual carrot cake. A real treat without the cheat.

Mars hi-protein bars are another scrumptious treat which tastes just like the original chocolate bar! In this protein box, you'll find one of these healthy bars and it contains a tasty 20g of protein.

TREK bars are great for a treat before of after the gym. This month, we put in a yummy flapjack in the cocoa coconut flavour. This protein flapjack will give you an extra 9g of protein to keep you going.

Since Mountain Joes do some of the best protein bars and since Easter was a day ago, we have included a seasonal chocolate eggsplosion protein bar which has something like little mini eggs within it. This eggcellent bar will fuel your workout with 18g of protein. We don't apologies for the pun 😉.

My Protein oat bakes are also super tasty. This month, our subscribers will find a white choc & berry flavoured oat bake which will boost them with 19g of protein.

Those are the tasty treats included in this month's 500 Whey & Bars Box. This is our most popular protein bar, followed by the 10 Snacks & Bars Box. Why not try it out for yourself below and see how it might improve your workouts?

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