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February's Monthly Mass Protein Subscription Box

February's mass snack protein box totalled 537 grams of protein made up of 9 delicious protein snacks from six of the biggest protein brands in the U.K. 💪 And don't forget, you can fill out the form when checking out to get a personalised protein box with all of your favourite flavours! But below is what was included in the protein box for those who like the surprise:

This month's delicious fitness box contained:

- 1 500g bag of whey in the delightful chocolate malted honeycomb flavour. This gives you 381.5 grams of protein in total, providing you with 16.6 servings of protein shake to give you fuel for your tough winter workouts.

- 1 Barebells bar in the crunchie fudge flavour. This will give you an extra 20g of protein.

- 1 Barebells bar in the salted peanut flavour. Again, this is a mass 20g of protein which is as excellent as it gets with protein bars.

- 1 Bulk Powders cookie in the white chocolate and raspberry flavour. It's undeniable that this is by far the best protein cookie we could have included in the protein box. It's lovely and rich with lots of fruity flavour from the raspberry, offset by the delicious white chocolate chunks. Despite the 27.8g of protein in the cookie, it tastes just as good as a regular cookie.

- 1 Whey Box sachet in the vanilla flavour. A classic protein flavour providing you with 16g protein. The vanilla is great for many recipes as it has a very smooth taste. Why not try it with our new breakfast berries smoothie here?

- 1 Optimum Nutrition crisp bar in the marshmallow flavour. Want a late night snack with no guilt? Try this one, it lasts forever as it's massive and it's only 217 calories with 20g of protein.

- 1 Grenade bar in the dark chocolate mint flavour. This one has 22g of protein packed within this fuel-filled, chocolate protein bar.

- 2 Fulfil bars, one of which is the chocolate deluxe flavour (more regularly referred to as the blue fulfil bar) and the salted caramel one (more known as the light blue one). Which flavour is your favourite? Let us know when checking out and we will customise the protein box to your preferences.

Trying to smash your new year's resolution? Do so with a MEAN PROTEIN box which will help you with post-workout recovery, as well as giving you the protein your body will crave during workouts. Plus the bars are a delicious, healthy alternative to late night chocolate snacking 💪

Why not try out a trial box here! Simply select one-off box when making your purchase.

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