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March's 10 Snacks & Bars Box

Welcome to March! We love this time of year. The days are getting longer, the days are heating up and everybody is ready for spring. Spring brings more opportunities to get outside for walks, runs and workouts. March also brings Easter which is the best season for Christians. It also means lots of chocolate to celebrate Christ's resurrection. Therefore, you could turn those extra chocolate calories into energy at the gym! There is no better motivation than a healthy protein subscription box.

This month we are showcasing our incredible 10 snacks and bars box which is one of our most popular boxes (along with our 500 Whey & Bars Box). This is tasty protein box is packed full of protein bars and snacks from some of the biggest brands in the U.K. This box is ideal for anybody who is trying to get more protein in your diet in order for muscle recovery, workout motivation or for general health reasons.

Lets kick start this box with the incredible My Protein crisps in the delicious thai sweet chilli flavour. These tasty crisps have 11g of protein to keep you healthy. This is an insane amount for a 99 calorie bag!

Next up we have the Grenade oat'ally blueberry protein flapjack because you can't beat a flapjack. This little treat will give you an extra 11g of protein.

Since everyone likes My Protein, this month we included a layered protein bar in the chocolate peanut pretzel flavour. This tasty treat contains a whopping 20g of protein. Not surprising given it's thick texture and filling nature.

Mars Hi-protein are beyond a doubt one of the best protein bars out there but this month we wanted to switch it up. Instead of the normal original flavour, we have given you guys the raspberry smash flavour! This bar is super refreshing and it contains 18g of protein. A great hit before the gym!

TREK bars are also super yummy. In this protein box, our healthy subscribers will get a flapjack in the white choc & raspberry flavour and with 9g of protein, it's the bomb.

The Protein Works are another incredible brand that we work with. That's why you'll find a ridiculous protein bar in the triple chocolate brownie flavour in this protein subscription box.This protein bar will keep you fuelled for your workouts, walks, runs or any exercise with it's big 15g of protein.

Next up we have the Barebells salty peanut bar. All Barebells bars provide a 20g protein hit and they are all so scrumptious.

It wouldn't really be a Mean Protein box without a Grenade bar. So this month, you'll find a white chocolate cookie bar. This tasty protein bar will give you an extra 22g of protein to keep you full this Spring.

FULFIL are also beyond one of the best and most well-known brands in the U.K. Thus, we put in a white peanut & caramel FULFIL bar. These bars give you a host of vitamins, as well as 20g of protein!

Total XP crisps are also awesome! This month, you'll find an epic cheese bag of protein crisps. Honestly there are so many little crisp balls in this bag but it's under 120 calories which is crazy and it also provides 13g of protein!

That's the 10 incredible bars and snacks included in this month's Mean Protein box.

Did you know that we also sell one off boxes which gives you an opportunity to treat friends, family or just yourself to a tasty box of protein treats! These are a great gift for any gym-buff, cross-fitter or exercise-junkie. Plus, protein keeps you healthy. So what's not to love?

Have an amazing March and a blessed Easter. Go and attain the gains!


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