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June's Protein 500 Whey & Bars Box

The weather is finally getting warmer and more people are out and about exercising which means that more protein is required in your diets for recovery.

The easiest way to get extra protein is through easy-to-eat protein bars, snacks and whey which is exactly what Mean Protein offers. We have snacks & bars only boxes, as well as boxes which provide set quantities of protein (including whey) which is what the Mean Protein 500 Whey & Bars Box offers; 500g of protein, made from one 500g bag of whey and eight to twelve protein bars and snacks. These workout boxes are available on a monthly, weekly or one-off basis.

Our latest Protein 500 Whey & Bars Box is the June box (which is a given, considering it is June haha). This is a available as a randomised box which is what most people go for to get a real variety of flavours and brands but you can also choose your flavours at checkout.

Nevertheless, check out the full breakdown of what was included in June's delicious box below. Oh and did I mention, this month we included 523.5g of protein which is 23.5 grams for free!

The Full Breakdown of June's Protein Box

1. A 500g bag of BULK whey protein in the yummy new cherry Bakewell flavour. This genuinely tastes like an actual cherry Bakewell in liquid form. It is by far the best flavour of whey protein that we have tried here at Mean Protein! And it provides 365g of protein within the whole bag!

2. The My Protein Carb Crusher in the scrumptious strawberry cheesecake flavour because things that taste like cheesecake are things we want in our randomised fitness boxes. You can't deny that these are delicious and with 23g protein, they're one of the highest protein bars out there.

3. A full sized FULFIL bar in the chocolate salted caramel flavour (the blue one as it is known to most people). I remember reading once that salted caramel is their most popular flavour and it's not surprising with that gooey caramel filling - yum! There are 20g of protein in these. 4. We also included a mini FULFIL bar in the chocolate fudge brownie flavour which has 15g protein in it. If you haven't already tried it, have a go at making our FULFIL smoothie recipe here.

5. A Whey Box sachet of whey in the cookies and cream flavour, adding 15.5g of protein into the box. These are great little sachets to have on holiday as they require no wheying (pun intended).

6. A TREK Protein bar in the yummy, almost crunchy, peanut power flavour which has 15g within it.

7. We also added in a Barebells bar in the delicious white chocolate almond flavour! These have the typical 20g of protein which all Barebells bars contain, making them a great snack to have before or after a workout to insure you replace the vital nutrients to build muscle and recover quickly.

8. A Grenade bar. For this, we decided to include a different bar for every customer to make the boxes even more exciting. A randomised bar could be anything such as dark chocolate raspberry, peanut nutter, white chocolate cookie and many more. Most Grenade bars have roughly 20g protein in them but if you want to find out which protein bars are the best for quantity and the calories in every bar, check out this blog post. 9. An Optimum Nutrition (ON) protein bar in the fruit and nut protein crisp flavour. Again, this is one of our favourites at Mean Protein as these literally taste divine and with 20g protein, you can't go wrong.

10. Finally, we included a BULK double chocolate vegan protein brownie which serves 15g protein without the guilt of unhealthy brownie calories.

We hope you all enjoyed this month's box and are looking forward to the tasty treats in next month's Mean Protein Box! Don't forget to follow us on Instagram and Facebook for frequent updates and protein facts.

If you haven't subscribed yet, you can do so here (or buy a one-off box too). Or if this seems like too much protein for you, we also have a smaller 250 Whey & Protein Bar Box which you can check out here.

Enjoy your boxes guys and remember to attain the gains this June!

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