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August's 500 Whey & Bars Box

Summer is in full swing and holidays are happening left, right and centre. That means summer bodies are required and protein will help you achieve your diet goals.

This month you will find 11 delicious high-protein snacks within your whey protein subscription box. These are by 8 premium protein brands, such as Fulfil bars, My Protein and Grenade. In total, this box has a whopping 564.4 grams of protein. That's 64.4 grams for free! So if you have ever asked how to get whey protein for free, you have come to the right place!


Let's delve into the details:

1. This boxes whey is by the Protein Works and it is the yummy strawberry and white chocolate flavour! This big bag of protein contains an incredible 400 grams of protein to fuel your gym sesh or workouts.

2. My Protein is another premium brand within the U.K fitness scene. So this month we included some lovely whey samples. These contain roughly 18 grams of protein and each box got a different flavour. The yummy flavours included were XXXXXXXXX. These are especially good to take on trips with you, so that you can get enough protein on holiday.

3. Grenade bars are always a customer favourite. This month you will find a scrumptious dark chocolate mint bar which is a delicious 22 grams of protein per bar. These taste a little like after eights, so what is not to love?

4. Another bar/cake in this month's protein box is the yummy CLIF bar in the refreshing fruity blueberry crisp flavour. This protein bar contains 9.4 grams of protein which will give you a boost to fuel your day. Real question though, do you consider these to be protein bars or protein cakes?

5. Next, you will find a FULFIL bar in the tasty chocolate peanut butter. All Fulfil bars come with a heap of vitamins and 20 grams of protein. Most of them are less than 250 calories too, so these are great snacks for healthy diets.

6. Another My Protein snack is the thick double dough brownie in the white chocolate and marshmallow flavour. These are great for a healthy cake-type snack with 14 grams of protein.


Perhaps you have asked yourself how protein helps the body? We have numerous blog posts to browse through which answer all of these sorts of questions. Check them out here.


7. BULK is another premium U.K protein brand to add to our U.K protein box. This month you will find the yummy macro munch in the terrifically tasty tiramisu flavour. For anyone who doesn't know, marco munch protein bars are really thick, layered bars which contain a delicious 20 grams of protein.

8. Another new BULK product this month is the protein tiffin which contains 15 grams of protein. This is like a little chocolate protein cake type thing. Yummy!

9. Barebells is another favourite within the Mean Protein community. This month we included a smooth, creamy cookies & cream bar which contains a whopping 20 grams of protein.

10. Total XP is one of the newer brands we offer within the Mean Protein boxes. This month you will find a bag in the chilli hotness flavour which contains 13 grams of protein (not bad for a bag of crisps which has less than 110 calories per bag).

11. As Total XP has incredible macronutrients, we also threw in a smoky BBQ flavour of

protein crisps. Again, these will give you an extra 13 grams of protein! Yasss.

Sounds amazing right? Why not treat yourself to a healthy, guilt-free protein box to smash your goals?

Did you know you can buy one off gift protein boxes, as well as subscriptions? Check them out here.

We also have other boxes available which do not include whey. These ones just contain protein bars and snacks to keep you healthy. Check them all out below.

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