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February's 500 Whey & Bars Box

Happy February everybody. We hope you all smashed your new years resolutions in January and we hope you had some good workouts amongst the terribly busy gyms last month.

Do you want to achieve even more workouts? Protein helps with muscle recovery and fuel for your performance. So why not try out a delicious Mean Protein one-off or subscription box. Our most popular workout box is the 500 whey and bars box. This month, we gave our amazing subscribers 514g of protein within this incredible workout box.

Let's delve into what was included this month...

1. To kick start this box, we included whey from The Protein Works in the yummy butterscotch ripple flavour! This contains a whopping 400 grams of protein to keep you going throughout February.

Do you fancy picking your own flavours? You can tell us your favourite flavours when checking out for a more personalized box. Or you could keep it as an exciting mystery.

2. This month you will also find a delicious Wana bar within your monthly protein box. This is in the white chocolate with strawberry cream flavour and this will give you 14 grams of crispy but smooth protein.

3. The Protein Works also do these amazing bars calls ridiculous protein bars. In this box, we popped in one of these in the chocolate caramelicious flavour. This will fuel you with 15g of protein. Great as a protein hit pre or post workout.

4. Maxi is the newest brand to team up with us. This month we threw in a delightful bar in the New York cheesecake flavour! If that didn't sound yummy enough, it also includes 15g of protein.

5. Nature Valley protein bars are also delicious little crunchy bars. This month you will find a peanut & chocolate bar which will provide you with an extra 10g of protein.

6. TREK bar! Everybody loves a TREK bar! In this box, you'll find a TREK bar in the cocoa oat flavour. This one has 9g of protein within it.

7. Barebells are one of the biggest brands within the U.K. So this month we included a Barebells bar in the creamy cookies and cream flavour. This high protein bar is genuinely the best thing ever in our opinion and it contains 20 grams of protein! Yassss!

8. Grenade is another very popular brand. In this amazing protein box, you'll find a Grenade bar in the cookie dough flavour. This one contains a whopping 21g of protein to fuel your

day. Whether you munch on this for breakfast, lunch or dinner, you'll reap the benefits.

9. Finally, you will discover a tasty TREK flapjack in the cocoa coconut flavour. This refreshing, healthy protein bar will give you an extra 9g of protein to keep you going.


We hope all of our subscribers enjoy this scrumptious box. If you want to know more about the different fitness boxes available, including protein boxes without whey, check out our shop by clicking here!

See you all next month! In the meantime, please check out or tasty protein recipes by clicking here.

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