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August's 10 Snacks & Bars Box

Welcome to August! This month, we will be taking a closer look into the popular 10 protein snacks & bars box. This and the 500 Whey & Bars box are our most sought-after products and our customers love them!

This box will give you an incredible ten protein bars and snacks to keep you healthy during August, from all the big brands such as Fulfil, Brebells and Grenade. Don't forget to take some of these healthy snacks with you on holidays, hikes, bike rides or whatever you are getting up to in the sunny weather this August.

Let's delve in!

To kick-start this tasty protein box, we have included the My Protein crispy layered bar in the toasted marshmellow flavour. This big bar gives you sixteen grams of protein to keep you fit.

Next, you will fine a Barebells cookies & cream bar which provides you with a helpful 20 grams of protein! These ones are great for a boost of energy before or after your workout.

A slice of deliciousness in the morning is a refreshing blueberry crisp bar by CLIF. These tasty slices will give you fourteen grams of protein. These ones are great with a morning coffee or tea.

Trek flapjacks are a customer favourite and therefore, we gave this month's subscribers a Trek flapjack in the original oats flavour. With 10 grams of protein, what's not to love?

Grenade are possibly one of the most famous protein bars in the UK. This month, you'll have received a Jaffa Cake Grenade bar which will fuel your day with an incredible twenty-one grams of protein.

Mars bars are arguably the best chocolate bars out there. If you disagree, you are wrong. The Mars protein bars honestly taste the same as the chocolate bars but with twenty grams of protein included too, YAY! This month, you'll find a Hi-Protein bar in the salted caramel flavour by Mars. These are great as a treat without the cheat!

Since Trek are so month-watering, we also popped in a cocoa and oat flavoured flapjack which will give your body an extra nine grams of protein.

Another big brand in the UK is Optimum Nutrition. This month, our subscribers of our incredible workout box received a whipped bar in the rocky road flavour. Everybody loves rocky road! This one also has a whopping twenty grams of protein.

TOTAL XP make some great protein crisps! We put in a scrumptious packet of prawn cocktail crisps. These ones will give you thirteen grams of protein and at less than 110 calories, you can't go wrong.

Protein Works do amazing bars called ridiculous bars. These tasty bars will give you fifteen grams of protein and this month, we gave you the triple chocolate brownie flavoured one! Yum.

Those are the amazing ten products included within this month's ten snacks & bars box. Don't forget that you can ask us for specific flavours and brands at checkout if you'd like a more personalised box (subject to stock) or you can let us give you the best box ever with a random mix each month. You can also get a one-off box to test it out before you realise it's amazing and subscribe.

Anyway, we hope you guys have an amazing August and enjoy the sunshine!


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