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July's 500 Whey & Bars Box

It's finally July yay. The height of summer! Kids are off school and the sun is coming out. That means more hikes, runs, bike rides and more importantly, holidays! And you know what that means? More protein is required for fast recovery, healthy snacking and fuel.

The 500 Whey & Bars box is our most popular protein subscription box, followed by the 10 snacks & bars box which is everybody's favourite one-off protein box. Our range of protein boxes are packed full of bars, snacks and whey protein from the biggest and best brands in the U.K.

Below, we will show you the tasty goodies that our July subscribers received within their 500 whey & bars box. This amazing protein box gives you 536 grams of protein to increase your protein intake this July. That's 36g for free because we want you guys to attain the gains and smash your workout goals.

1. The whey within this month's box was the delicious strawberry & white chocolate flavour by The Protein Works. This massive 500 gram bag provides an incredible 400 grams of protein to keep you going!

2. My Protein are definitely one of the most heard-of brands within the U.K protein scene and so this month, our protein subscribers will find a scrumptous layered bar in the strawberry flavour. This big bar contains an incredible 20g of protein.

3. Another great protein boost (with 20g of protein) is the crisp bar by Optimum Nutrition. This one is in the peanut butter flavour for all those healthy nut-lovers.

4. Hi-protein bars by Mars bars can't be beaten. Honestly they are the best thing since sliced bread. So, in this big protein box, we popped in an M&M bar in the peanut flavour which will give you an extra 15g of protein.

5. Bulk macro munch bars are sweet, chewy and delicious. This month, you'll get a mouth-watering caramelised apple crumble protein bar which will fill you up with 21g of protein. Yes now!

6. Another super sweet but tasty bar/bake is the My Protein oat bake. In this month's Mean Protein box, you'll receive a berry and white chocolate bake which has a whopping 19g of protein. This is so good for an oaty bar and it tastes similar to a fabulous flapjack.

7. CLIF bars are another customer-favourite. Therefore, we put in a chocolate almond fudge Clif bar which will boost your workout with 11g of protein. These ones are lovely with a wee cup of tea.

8. Maximuscle (MAXI) bars are another lovely protein bar and this month, you'll get a blueberry muffin Maxi bar. This one has a tasty 15g of protein.

9. The Protein Works know where it's at with Protein. In this protein box, our subscribers will get a ridiculous bar in the chocolate biscuit crunch flavour. This will tap into your sweet tooth without any guilt. With 15g of protein, you can't go wrong!

That's the lot for this month's incredible protein / workout / fitness box. Our boxes can be bought as subscriptions or as one-off boxes for birthdays, Christmas or as a treat for your favourite workout buddy, spouse, friend or family member. Keep them at the top of their gain! Or treat yourself, you deserve it.

And remember, you can customise your box at checkout by telling us your favourite brands and flavours for a more personalized box. We will endeavour to try our best.

So keep fit this summer with the best protein box in the U.K!

Also don't forget, we offer the coolest flasks around to keep you hydrated during the hot summer days! Check them out below.

Enjoy your July!

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