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October's 500 Whey & Bars Box

Another month brings us another delicious protein box by Mean Protein. Our subscribers of the 500 Whey & Bars Box received a fresh treat box containing 536g of protein in total! That's 36g for free because we want you guys to be able to attain the gains! 😊

Remember, we also do protein bar boxes and also one-off boxes, as well as the normal subscription boxes. So there is something for everybody! Anyway, lets delve into this month's tasty protein box below:

Firstly, the big bag of whey protein in this amazing protein subscription box is The Protein Works cheeky choc coconut whey. This delicious whey is packed full of 400g of protein! In comparison to other brands, this is a lot of whey packed into a 500g bag of whey. Simply amazing.

Grenade bars are a customer favourite which is why we have packed in the tasty white chocolate cookie flavoured Grenade bar. This protein bar will fuel your day with 22g of protein. Ever wondered, 'how do I get more protein in my diet?' Not to worry, Mean Protein has you covered.

Next, we gave you gym-goers an Optimum Nutrition (ON) protein bar in the crispy chocolate brownie flavour. Anything chocolate brownie is simply delicious and with 20g of protein, there is no going wrong.

Mars hi protein bars literally taste like

regular chocolate bars but they are high in protein too! In this protein box, you will find a Mars hi-protein bar in the scrumptious salted caramel flavour. This one will provide your body with an incredible 20g of protein.

Barebells cookies & cream bars are definitely the best flavour in our opinion which is why you will find one in your delicious protein box. This incredible bar consists of a whopping 20g of protein.

Nutrien are a new brand which we will occasionally have packed into your protein box. This month, you will find a sachet in the smooth RCVRY flavour. This one is made to help you recover after a long day with it's healthy 20g of protein.

Remember, you can also buy one-off protein boxes with Mean Protein. We have various versions available, such as the 10 Snacks & Bars box or the 250 Whey & Bars Box. Check them out below!

Everybody loves a flapjack. In this 500g of protein box, you'll find a Trek flapjack in the mouth-watering cocoa and oat flavour. This tasty little treat will give you 9g of protein to give you that protein-hit that your body wants.

The Protein Works ridiculous bars are unique protein bars in that you never see them in the shops, only online. Anyway, they are super tasty. This month's bar is the wild chocolate peanut flavoured bar which boasts 15g of protein.

This month, you will also have received a lovely Trek flapjack in the original oat flavour. This tasty, high-protein flapjack is packed full with an extra 10g of protein to keep you on the move.

We hope you guys enjoyed your boxes this month as much as we love putting them together! Why not leave us some feedback via the email which is sent out after every purchase or review us on Google 😊 In the meantime, enjoy your October's and don't eat too many sweets on Halloween...or maybe do.

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