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September's 12 Snacks & Bars Box

Welcome to September Mean Proteiners. As we enter the last stretch of summer, we hope that you are enjoying the last of the nice weather. Make sure to get out for lots of walks, hikes, runs and anything else that isn't impossible but is less enjoyable in the winter.

To keep you fit, make sure you order one of our delicious protein boxes which will ensure that you have the correct building-blocks for muscle recovery, energy and to keep you healthy.

This month, we are showcasing our 12 Snacks & Bars Protein box. In this protein box, you will get twelve delicious bars and snacks from the biggest and best brands in the U.K.

To kick-start this box, we included a delicious Nutrein sachet in the Fcus flavour. This tasty, plant-based clear whey is filled with natural ingredients which keep you alert and focused no matter what you are doing. Therefore, it's great at the start of the day or before the gym but you can have it at any time. This sachet is packed full of 20g of protein.

Total XP is another amazing brand. So this month, we gave our subscribers a bag of Prawn Cocktail crisps which give you 13g of protein to keep you going.

Next up, we put in a delicious Mars Hi Protein crispy M&Ms bar. These are like little M&M cakes which really are the treat without the cheat. These have a great 15g of protein in them.

Barebells are another customer favourite and this month, we included a white crispy nougat Barebells bar. These have a whopping 20g of protein in them; great for before or after a gym sesh.

FULFIL bars are probably the most well-known bars in the U.K. These incredible bars have 20g of protein and a host of vitamins which keep you healthy. In this great protein box, you'll recieve a chocolate caramel Fulfil bar which again, gives you a massive 20g of protein.

Love protein bars with amazing protein quantities? Mean Protein has you covered. Next up, we threw in a My Protein oat bake in the scrumptous chocolate chip flavour. This also gives you 20g of protein to keep you fit.

TREK bars are nice flapjack-type bars. In this protein bars box, you'll find a white chocolate and raspberry protein flapjack which will provide your body with 10g of protein. These ones are great with a cosy cup of tea!

Does chocolate and cookie milk sound good to you? Good because we included a tasty bar in this flavour by the brand MAXI (formally Maxi Muscle). This big bar will give you16g of protein.

Feel like this poor lamb after your

workout? Remember that all of these bars will help your muscles to recover and they will also give you the building-blocks that your muscles need to form muscle.

The Protein Works are another amazing brand. In this healthy subscription box, you'll find a ridiculous cookies & cream bar which contains 15g of protein in it's delicious chocolaty walls.

Since Trek is so great, we also popped in a cocoa and oat bar which will give you an extra 9g of protein.

My Protein do incredible, thick protein bars called layered bars. One of their newest ones is the matcha bar. This sweet bar contains an extra 20g of protein to keep you fit.

Grenade bars are also very well known and high in protein. This month, you will find a Grenade bar in the cookie dough flavour. This one has an amazing 21g of protein. Have you ever asked yourself, 'how to get more protein'? Well now you know that Mean Protein is the way to get tonnes of extra protein in a tasty form!

Finally, we put in a Trek bar in the classic original oat flavour. This one has a great 9g of protein which will give your body the energy that you need.

That's the twelve bars contained in September's 12 bars & snacks box. This is great for anyone looking to stay fit and healthy! Seems like too much for your personal needs? Why not try our 10 snacks & bars box or even one of our boxes which includes whey too? Remember that you can also get a one off protein box too. Check them all out below.

We hope you all have a lovely September! Keep fit and attain the gains with Mean Protein.

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