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January's 500 Whey & Bars Box

Welcome to the new year! We are buzzing that it's 2024 and everybody is back in the gym and having a fun-fitness time!

To help you achieve your protein goals, we design these boxes to fit your needs. The below protein box contains a whopping 500g of protein to add to your diet. We also offer boxes that just contain protein bars/snacks as well, as well as a 250g protein box. No matter how much protein you need, Mean Protein is the box for you. We offer one of workout protein boxes, as well as protein subscriptions so that you can get an exciting box every month!

This month's box over-delivered with an amazing 514g of protein! Let's have a look at what we included in our January 500 whey & bars box:

1. The big bag of whey protein in this protein box is by The Protein Works and this is in the lovely, smooth choc mint brownie flavour. Not only is it tasty, it gives you 395g of protein! Don't drink it all at once 😋

2. TREK flapjacks are the best! So this January our subscribers received a delicious protein flapjack in the peanut butter flavour and this contains 9g of protein.

3. Everybody loves a jaffa cake which is why we threw in a delicious Grenade bar in the jaffa cake flavour. This tasty protein bar will hit you with 21g of protein to keep you fit and healthy.

4. TOTAL XP are a protein company who make scrumptious protein crisps in the form of little balls. This month, you'll receive a bag of these in the prawn cocktail flavour. These ones will give you 13g of protein.

5. Fulfil bars are packed full of protein and vitamins. In our tasty protein box, you'll discover a Fulfil bar in the salted caramel flavour. This one is packed with 20g of protein!

6. Since peanut butter is the best thing since sliced bread, we included a CLIF bar in the peanut butter banana with dark chocolate flavour. If you haven't had one before, CLIF bars are a little like small cakes and with 10g of protein, you can't go wrong.


7. Grenade are one of the biggest protein companies in the U.K. So we threw in another this month since they are so good! The second Grenade bar this month is the chocolate chip cookie dough flavour and this one will give you 21g of tasty protein.

8. KIND bars are also incredibly popular for their healthy benefits. This Kind bar is the dark chocolate nut kind and will give you a 12g protein hit before or even after the gym. You choose when to have it 😋

9. Finally, we included a bag of epic cheese flavoured Total XP crisps. This scrumptious snack will give you 13g of protein and they taste just like little cheese balls!

So those are the incredible protein snacks included in this month's 500 Whey & Bars Box.

Have an amazing January and remember to hit the gym to attain the gains!

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